Hon Hai Low Earth Orbit Satellite will be launched in the fourth quarter, increasing investment in the metaverse field!

Published on: 2023-05-12 15:07
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Hon Hai Technology Chairman Liu Yangwei stated today that Hon Hai Group will complete the final testing phase of its low orbit satellite and launch it into space in the fourth quarter. The group is also developing augmented reality (AR) eyewear sightseeing applications, and it is estimated that the revenue share of AI servers will increase this year.


Hon Hai held an online legal representative briefing in the afternoon, looking forward to the semiconductor layout. Liu Yangwei pointed out that the third generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) wafer foundry has had more than 5 customers put it into trial production, and advanced wafer level packaging and testing factories have already mass-produced and shipped it.

In the automotive system on a chip, Liu Yangwei pointed out that Hon Hai launched the automotive Virtual Platform development platform, which is applied to the software and hardware verification of microcontroller (MCU) and system single chip (SoC) design and the establishment of electronic and electrical architecture (EEA).

Liu Yangwei stated that the self-designed and Taiwan made 1200V/700A silicon carbide power module has been developed and imported into the electric drive inverter of the car factory.

In terms of low orbit satellites, Liu Yangwei pointed out that Hon Hai Group will complete the final testing phase and launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Hon Hai will promote the industrialization of low orbit satellite galaxies and create the next generation of highly resilient network infrastructure.

In the field of metaverse, Liu Yangwei explained that based on investing in software such as XRSPACE and Finnish company Varjo, as well as virtual reality/hybrid reality (VR/MR) application companies, he will further invest in Zuozhen Company, which focuses on the development of augmented reality (AR) glasses; Hon Hai has also laid out the application of metaverse/AR technology in manufacturing factories and developed the application of AR glasses in tourism.

In terms of layout in mainland China, Liu Yangwei stated that Hon Hai Group has established a new business research and development and new product introduction service (NPI) center in Zhengzhou, and expanded the mainland information and communication technology (ICT) research and development and NPI center in Shenzhen. In addition, Hon Hai's Industrial Fulian is expected to be put into operation at the Jiyuan factory in Henan by the end of May.

When asked about the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and chat robot ChatGPT, Liu Yangwei expressed that he is very optimistic about the future trend of AI applications. Last year, Hon Hai Group generated approximately NT $1.1 trillion in server revenue, and AI servers accounted for about 20% of the total revenue last year. It is estimated that the proportion can be increased this year.

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