TSMC's explosive 2 nanometer process is expected to be mass-produced in 2025, and the process technology will lead the world!

Published on: 2023-05-12 15:04
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TSMC's 3 nanometers were mass-produced last year, and the 2 nanometers are expected to be mass-produced in 2025. Zhang Xiaoqiang, Senior Vice General Manager of Business Development, stated that TSMC's 3 nanometers are the world's leading technology and will also lead the world in the production of 2 nanometers.


TSMC held the 2023 Taiwan Provincial Technology Forum today. Zhang Zongsheng, Deputy General Manager of Advanced Technology and Mask Engineering, stated that in order to meet customer needs, TSMC has rapidly and steadily increased the production capacity of advanced processes at 7nm, 5nm, and 3nm, with an estimated compound growth rate of 40% from 2019 to 2023.

Zhang Zongsheng pointed out that the improvement of yield at 5 nanometers is better than that at 7 nanometers during the same period. Currently, 3 nanometers are in mass production, and the yield can soon be on par with 5 nanometers.

Zhang Xiaoqiang said that customers are quite satisfied with TSMC's 5-nanometer process. Currently, the 3-nanometer process is stable, and customers are actively promoting the adoption of the 3-nanometer process for smartphones, computer devices, and high-performance computing, with enthusiasm exceeding 5 nanometers.

Zhang Xiaoqiang stated that automotive customers are also eager to promote the 3-nanometer process technology. TSMC provides N3AE solutions for customers to design and use, which will help customers shorten their product launch time by 2-3 years. To meet the needs of different application customers, TSMC will launch N3P and N3X processes in the future.

Considering that special processes are also very important to customers, TSMC is simultaneously expanding its special process capacity. Zhang Zongsheng pointed out that from 2019 to 2023, the compound annual growth rate of special process capacity was about 10%, accounting for 54% of mature processes in 2019 and increasing to 67% in 2023.

Zhang Zongsheng said that TSMC is also actively expanding its 3D Fabric advanced packaging capacity, and it is expected that the clean room area will expand to more than twice the size of 2021 by 2025.

Zhang Zongsheng stated that TSMC built an average of 2 new factories per year from 2017 to 2019, 6 new factories in 2020, 7 new factories in 2021, and 3 new factories in 2022. Two more new factories will be built this year.

In addition, TSMC is actively expanding its global production base. Zhang Zongsheng pointed out that three factories at Nanke Wafer 18 will be 3-nanometer production bases. Zhuke's Wafer 20 factory started construction last year and is expected to produce 2-nanometer in mass production by 2025. The new 2-nanometer factory in Taichung is expected to start construction in 2024.

Zhang Zongsheng stated that the 21st wafer factory in Arizona, USA will build two factories. The first factory is expected to produce 4 nanometers in 2024, and the second factory is currently under construction. The Japanese wafer 23 factory is expected to mass produce special processes in 2024.
The South Korean Economic Daily recently reported that Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business Director Gyeong Kwai hyun in South Korea stated that Samsung's chip manufacturing technology will surpass TSMC in the next five years. Zhang Xiaoqiang does not comment on his opponents. He said that TSMC's 3-nanometer technology is leading the world, and the 2-nanometer technology will also be the world's leading technology when it is mass-produced in 2025.

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